Broadcom’s recent acquisition of VMware has already led to an array of impacts for long-standing VMware customers.  Broadcom’s “subscription only” model no longer allows loyal VMware customers to continue to pay annual support renewals for maintenance and right-to-update for perpetual licences. This is expected to lead to between 2x and 10x uplift in ongoing VMware licencing costs.  Any organisation still utilising VMware’s suite of products faces exposure to these changes over the next 12 to 18 months.

Now is the time to assess alternatives.

Introducing the Mantalus VMware Exit Assessment.  Mantalus offers award-winning expertise in migrating from on-premises VMware environments to AWS native services.  Our VMware Exit Assessment is the first step in understanding your unique requirements and developing a tailored migration strategy.  This assessment provides valuable insights into your business and technical needs, evaluates your readiness for migration, identifies necessary skill sets, and estimates anticipated costs, ensuring a smooth and successful transition to AWS native services.

How Mantalus can assist you to exit VMWare Cloud on AWS

Mantalus’ specialised expertise in VMware to Cloud and Cloud Native migration can provide your organisation with a tailored VMware Cloud exit assessment, where we conduct a deep dive into your unique requirements and develop a strategic plan or set of options for exiting on-premises or VMware to Cloud.

This will uncover a full understanding of your business and technical requirements, your business readiness and the skillsets needed for migration, as well as estimating costs and planning a roadmap for a smooth and successful transition to a robust alternative technology.

Start Your Migration Planning


of existing VMware infrastructure

Best Platform
We’ll select the best platform for a future state and the architectural framework to support native workloads.

Capability Assessment
Assess skills required to comprehensively support and manage future state infrastructure, and how Mantalus can assist.

Comprehensive Analysis
Mantalus will review your existing state to map out key considerations and risks

Gap Analysis
Evaluate existing skill sets and identify gaps for the successful transition to a future state

Managed Services

Provide a resourcing estimation and cost of managed services.

Get In Touch About a VMware Exit Assessment

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A Mantalus VMware Exit Assessment covers the following areas

Optimisation and Licensing Assessment

  • Assess the consumption of on-premises workloads
  • Assess current license costs
  • Make recommendations for rightsizing using flexible licensing
  • OLA is at no cost with no obligation to engage further activity

Migration Readiness

  • Application readiness and replication
  • Application dependencies
  • Tools and approach

Migration Approach

  • Define high-level migration approach
  • Application mitigation where required (OS uplift)
  • Migration timing and waves

Skills and Training

  • Assess current VMware skills vs AWS skills
  • Identify gaps and training needs
  • Plan enablement pathways

Cost Analysis

  • Analyse current VMware costs and project future AWS costs
  • Estimate migration effort, costs and funding

Risk Assessment

  • Analysis and assessment of key migration risks
  • Outline risk mitigation approach

Platform Readiness

  • Plan AWS landing zone readiness for cloud native workloads
  • Assess security requirements and compliance needs

Operational readiness

  • Define operational approach for new AWS environment
  • Provide our CoOps offering to flexibly manage

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Assessment

Conduct a comprehensive assessment using AWS proprietary tools to help you know where you stand


Outline opportunities to reduce risk and exposure to price hikes

Next Steps

Outline next steps and be ready to assist should you wish to begin the next chapter in your Cloud journey.

Why Mantalus?

Mantalus’ capability is built on being the tip of the spear to solve difficult and unique problems with AWS technology. Our strength is based on having consultants with an array of industry experience, who have themselves faced a litany of complex, business critical, technology roadblocks; and found creative and class-leading ways to solve them.

We’re great at developing AWS centric architectures, where none have existed before. Think platforms or middleware that have never been attempted on AWS by anyone; or even completely AWS native solutions, removing the need for expensive 3rd party solutions.

So, where can we be useful and important to you? Anywhere there’s pain.

When you’re scratching your heads with a tricky use case that doesn’t fit neatly into a known solution or reference architecture…. think Mantalus. We’re the cure!

AWS has a fantastic array of services – and if you partner with Mantalus we can use them to help you solve just about anything.

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Mantalus provides a diverse range of solutions to deliver AWS cloud-based modernisation for any business. Our Mantalus partner organisations enable us to implement solutions that meet the unique and complex needs of our clients, no matter the challenges present.

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