BackUp as

a Service

Mantalus BackUp as a Service (BUaaS) is a secure and fully managed cloud-based backup solution.

It allows clients to offsite their on-premises backup to the cloud with the capability to restore the backup in the event of an incident or disaster.

Customers have the flexibility to backup virtual hosts, NAS Storage and Microsoft 365, or a combination of services.

Mantalus BUaaS Approach

A successful data protection and disaster recovery plan follows the 3-2-1 rule:

  • 3: Keep at least three copies of your data: the original production data and two backups.

  • 2: Use at least two different types of media to store the copies of your data, for example, local disk and cloud.

  • 1: Keep at least one backup off-site, for example, in the cloud or in a remote site.

  • Dedicated AWS environment per client

  • Security controls and access management
  • 24/7 backup jobs monitoring

  • Backup restoration support & reporting

  • Six-monthly restore testing

  • Self Service Portal

  • Monthly Serve Report

BackUp Securely with AWS

Service Availability


Data durability



Fully managed cloud-based backup solution

Ability to perform restoration via the self-service portal, test and validation

One-stop shop for backup licence and data storage

Hassle-free onboarding processes

Customisable retention policy

Consolidated billing for all backup costs (licence and storage volume)

Simple, speedy and full spectrum recovery capabilities

Mantalus BUaaS pricing


Being able to take advantage of the secure backup and storage offered by Mantalus’ Backup As A Service for minimal overhead costs allows organisations the ability to scale flexibly as and when required.

Licence Type Monthly Rate (US$)
Virtual Host $12
NAS Storage per 500GB $11
Microsoft Office 365 (per user)* $3

Learn how Mantalus can help protect your business data by helping you harness the power of Veeam and AWS.

Mantalus can help your organisation improve your backup posture. Don’t wait, trust technology that works. Contact us today.


BUaaS AWS environment

Mantalus’ bespoke multi-tenant architecture, built on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) infinitely scalable infrastructure, provides customers with the ultimate backup solution.

Combined with Veeam backup technology, the AWS storage plane offers infinite usable space, catering for backup workloads of any size and retention resolution.

No longer must you purchase and maintain difficult to manage, dedicated backup infrastructure.  Mantalus can rapidly get your backups offsite, into robust, resilient and cost-effective cloud storage with minimal implementation overhead.

BackUp as a Service environment

Why Mantalus?

Mantalus’ capability is built on being the tip of the spear to solve difficult and unique problems with AWS technology. Our strength is based on having consultants with an array of industry experience, who have themselves faced a litany of complex, business critical, technology roadblocks; and found creative and class-leading ways to solve them.

We’re great at developing AWS centric architectures, where none have existed before. Think platforms or middleware that have never been attempted on AWS by anyone; or even completely AWS native solutions, removing the need for expensive 3rd party solutions.

So, where can we be useful and important to you? Anywhere there’s pain.

When you’re scratching your heads with a tricky use case that doesn’t fit neatly into a known solution or reference architecture…. think Mantalus. We’re the cure!

AWS has a fantastic array of services – and if you partner with Mantalus we can use them to help you solve just about anything.

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