A perfect approach to

AWS adoption

Your organisation is unique, and that’s how Mantalus views any AWS use case, which is the approach we take as AWS experts to help you achieve Cloud Perfect. We understand that any organisation has its own specific environment, and while an underlying technology may be widely adopted, the use cases and implementations can differ greatly. The Mantalus AWS Adoption Methodology (MAAM) uses standardised tools and processes to design, plan, and deliver individualised expert AWS implementations.

Any scenario requires careful planning and execution to ensure a successful outcome. Mantalus are AWS experts with a proven, award-winning methodology that follows industry best-practice to guarantee successful AWS adoption.

Cloud. Perfect.

Setting up your Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure can be a complex and time-consuming process, with many potential pitfalls.
One wrong move can leave your business vulnerable to security threats, data loss, or compliance issues. At Mantalus, we are AWS experts with the experience and expertise to help businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve Cloud Perfect.

We will work with you to assess your specific needs and requirements, and ensure your AWS deployed solutions meet your exact specifications. As part of that delivery, we will also help you to reduce costs, manage risks, and ensure compliance with specific industry regulations.

Whether you’re just getting started with AWS or looking to optimise your existing AWS environment, we can help you achieve perfect cloud.


Mantalus is an award-winning AWS Consulting Partner, having recently achieved the accolade of AWS Application Transformation and Migration Partner of the Year.

By specialising in AWS, and AWS alone, Mantalus has developed class leading AWS delivery capability. We believe we can step into any organisation, or any size, in any industry, and show how AWS technology, services and capability can help to transform an organisation’s technical capability.



At Mantalus, we’re well known for AWS migrations. But successful AWS adoption doesn’t always mean a large-scale migration.

Since 2019, more than 70% of our work has been focused on ‘new build’ projects requiring leading edge solution development utilising cloud native services.

Our class leading team of Architects, Engineers, DevOps Consultants and Support Technicians have helped some of Australia’s largest organisations achieve ‘Cloud. Perfect.’ in a wide array of cloud first business initiatives.

Come and get Cloud. Perfect. no matter what your business drivers, needs, or aspirations.


Cloud Native Solutions

Over the past decade, Mantalus has developed an array of cloud native solutions – using a combination of AWS technology, offerings from our best-in-breed technology partners, and Mantalus developed architectures.

These ready-to-deploy solutions provide our customers with peace of mind, knowing that established product suites from world leading vendors, can be deployed by local talent to solve organisational pain points.

This is all part of our focus on Customer Obsession.

Come and get Cloud. Perfect. no matter what your business drivers, needs, or aspirations.


No data leaks, data exposure or penetration.


Comply with industry and internal regulations and requirements.


Get your products and services to market faster and beat your competitors.


Don’t spend more than required on your cloud journey.


The flexibility to grow and shrink with business needs.

Are you Cloud curious?

Take the first step on your Cloud journey.

Our Customers


What our
clients say

Having had experience transitioning companies to the cloud I can honestly say this is without doubt the best run transition I’ve seen.

Baden Roberts (CIO), Sensis

We have utilised several highly regarded AWS Partners early in our cloud migration journey. But now those vendors all look to Mantalus for direction because of their industry leading capability.

Rupesh Kapadia (Head of Infrastructure), Sportsbet

The project team assigned to TWE have been super easy to work with, provided a clear plan and have also hit timelines each milestone.

Richard Tinkler, Treasury Wine Estates

Mantalus really helped out when we were having some major tech issues. They are undoubtedly experts in the AWS technology and were able to help us put out the fires and help us plan for a more scalable infrastructure.

Scott Fox (Head of Operations), HungryHungry

Very professional, Mantalus know what they are doing, very adaptive to changing needs, bring a lot of SME knowledge.

Sri Sharma (Head of Technology), Orora

Mantalus combine high-level expertise and super-helpful attitude, fantastic team to work with.

Fransiscus Lesmana (Network and Infrastructure Manager), iSelect

The team were great to deal with! Big thank you to Andrew Stevens and the team.

Trent Hornibrook (Head of Platform Engineering), Catch of the Day

The team at Mantalus provide great innovative advice and hands on support that allows us to make the most of the AWS offering, and sets our platform and our business up for success. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Matt Vescovi (Founder), Timing Solutions

The work undertaken was to a great standard which met the desired outcomes. The team were great to work with.

John Taylor (Group Executive - Technology & Security), Medhealth

Mantalus Partner Organisations

Mantalus provides a diverse range of solutions to deliver AWS cloud-based modernisation for any business. Our Mantalus partner organisations enable us to implement solutions that meet the unique and complex needs of our clients, no matter the challenges present.

Why Mantalus?

Mantalus’ capability is built on being the tip of the spear to solve difficult and unique problems with AWS technology. Our strength is based on having consultants with an array of industry experience, who have themselves faced a litany of complex, business critical, technology roadblocks; and found creative and class-leading ways to solve them.

We’re great at developing AWS centric architectures, where none have existed before. Think platforms or middleware that have never been attempted on AWS by anyone; or even completely AWS native solutions, removing the need for expensive 3rd party solutions.

So, where can we be useful and important to you? Anywhere there’s pain.

When you’re scratching your heads with a tricky use case that doesn’t fit neatly into a known solution or reference architecture…. think Mantalus. We’re the cure!

AWS has a fantastic array of services – and if you partner with Mantalus we can use them to help you solve just about anything.

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